2923 Speedster Exhaust for Yamaha Roadliner 1900 2006

  • It’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference. Our innovative Speedsters, offered in 2 versions, Shorts and Longs, do more than break new styling ground. With their triple-chromed, 2-1/2 in, full-length heat shields and clean stylish lines they’re some of the best-looking exhaust systems available. Tucked away behind those shields is the new Cobra PowerPort, an engineering advancement that provides a performance increase similar to what you get from a 2-into-1 system. The PowerPort was developed to increase power, and to maintain overall rideability while remaining discreetly out of sight. And it does that while retaining all the great sound and style you expect from Cobra.
  • Head pipe PowerPort increases power and overall rideability
  • The large 2-1/2 in full-length heat shields fit tip-to-tip for seamless look and no bluing
  • Beautifully machined billet end caps for truly custom finish
  • Easy installation
  • Fit and finish is the best in the business
  • Available in short and long versions
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S1201 Touhou Hakurei Reimu Kirisame Marisa Case Cover For IPHONE 5 5S

The design of novel is easy to full access to all buttons and it is easy to clean and keep. This case can protect your phone from scratches, dust and it is a anti-skid, shock-resistant case. We also accept custom
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2002 Yamaha YZF R1 R1 Mirror Stay Bracket

2002 Yamaha YZF R1 R1 Mirror Stay Bracket

On bikes that run a separate Fairing Bracket and Mirror Bracket, the Mirror Bracket supports the tips of the Upper Fairing as well as providing a mount point for the Mirrors. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Mirror Bracket will be straight and undamaged.

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If You Refinanced Your Home Within the Last 3 Years, Your Mortgage May Have TILA Violations

TILA stands for Truth In Lending Act, and the mortgage companies were not disclosing everything they should have to you. Millions of Americans are currently losing their homes from the Sub-Prime Mortgage meltdown, the news is finally starting to talk about Predatory Lenders. The lender liability subject isn’t new, good laws have been passed for many years, but they have not usually been enforced much, because most people do not know about them. How do lenders fit into this sad story? They started the problem by forcing loans without regards to a borrower’s best interest. They did not just bend a few rules – they threw the normal rules out the window. Anyone with a house was fair prey.Some of those being foreclosed upon are elderly people, many of which owned their home free and clear before refinancing, many others were young first time home-buyers who were talked into borrowing more than they could actually afford, some just needed to borrow some money to do home improvements or for college or a wedding. If you look up the REO properties that lenders have foreclosed on, you see both million dollar properties and broken down old shacks.Today Very few people in society have resisted the lure of adjustable arm mortgages and the more dangerous option arm mortgages. Mortgage companies devised nice-sounding sales pitches and set up sham companies to receive kickbacks. The Lenders put together incentive plans like the YSP(Yield Spread Premium) to get brokers to shove borrowers into higher rates. Many lenders have their own reinsurance companies, title companies, management companies, and set up multiple affiliate business arrangements. Lenders often incorporate in different states and operate under more than one name, with often as many as 35 aliases. It seems OK, until you understand why they do it. They double, triple and sometimes quadruple their money at our expense.I have read that Mortgage companies have sold these mortgages primarily because Wall Street wanted them and would pay more for them. The Federal Reserve waited until over half of the US had taken out adjustable rate mortgages and started raising interest rates 17 sessions in a row, which caused a disaster. When the real estate market was at its peak, you could always refinance to borrow more or sell your house and take a profit and start over. Now millions are stuck with a lower housing market and difficulties in refinancing. The market is not going up, but homes are going down in value – depreciating. There is another avenue to pursue here, known as where is the note holder for your mortgage note. I will speak about this later in another article.What you need to look for in your mortgage contracts are: These are other examples of T.I.L.A. violations you will find on a lot of Mortgage contracts. There are a total of 58 (fifty eight) possible violations in quite a few cases.1. Over-escrowing.2. Junk charges.a: yield spread premiumsb: service release fees3. Payment of compensation to mortgage brokers and originators by lenders.4. Unauthorized servicing charges.5. Improper adjustments of interest on adjustable rate mortgages.6. Up selling.7. Overages.8. Referral fees to mortgage originators.9. Breach of Fiduciary Duty10. Failure to disclose the circumstances under which private mortgage insurance (PMI) may be terminated.11. Unauthorized servicing chargesa: The imposition of payoff and recording charges.12. Improper ARM adjustments13. Stated income, they said you have more money than you had.14. Failure to provide the husband and wife the booklet provided by the government (HUD)15. When they add up the mortgage cost to the borrower they put it in the loan and do not calculate the costs right, they only have the original amount calculated. In an article I read, I found this interesting ruling: In issuing Summary Judgment of liability in favor of the Plaintiff Class Members, the Judge ruled that Chevy Chase failed to properly disclose the payment schedule on the loans, failed to properly disclose the cost of the loans as an annual percentage rate, and failed to disclose the variable rate feature in the first 5 years of the loans. The Judge further ruled that the bank inserted in their disclosures misleading teaser rates that were only available for one month, and language suggesting the loans were 5 year fixed.16. When they pull the credit they should have a good faith estimate with in 72 hour.17. The appraisal is embellished and not the truth value. (RESPA violation) Real Estate Procedure Act, here is an example to the RESPA violation: I know square footage can be off somewhat, but 228 sq, ft.? I do not think so. Here is what happened: The appraisal was coming in too low, the letter from the broker to the State confirms that and she mentions the loan was impossible due to the “low” appraisal. Now, do not know if I mentioned this but she shared office space with the appraiser. All three parties (broker, lender and appraiser) knew the home would not appraise for $200,000as indicated in her letter. So what did they do? They used the gross square footage (not what is under heat and air) to beef up the appraisal and then, unbelievably, they ignored a comp in my own subdivision because it sold for only $172,000. Then, they went over a mile away and found a comp that sold for $205,000. If that is NOT fraud, I do not know what is. This explains the broker not answering the lawsuit; the appraiser calling me and threatening me and the lender doing the same.18. Pre-payment penalties Illegal, some of them are and some are not, you need to check with your state and see which ones apply.Do your research and find a good TILA auditor and a Good lawyer! You might have some money coming back and also your home is still occupied by you.

Remedios Boutique Ruched and Ruffled Organza Bride Wedding Ball Gown with Sequin, Champagne, S6

For a bride, her special day should be one of the most important days on her whole life, and the dress that she worn must be beautiful and graceful enough to shine her out in the bridal party. In our shop¡ªRemedios Boutique, various kinds of bridal wedding dresses are selected for your choice. There are timeless and flawless A-line, figure flattering sheath, fit-and-flare mermaid, noble and elegant ball gown, empire, and princess silhouette with the fabric of satin, lace, taffeta, organza and tulle mainly in 5 colors¡ªwhite, ivory, red, gold and champagne. And many of them are designed with special characters which are perfect for creating a totally different look for you on the big day. All you have to do is to select the one you prefer, and then to enjoy the night which belongs to you and show your passion and energy with the one we customized for you especially.
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Learn the Art of Capturing Great Pictures With Digital Photography Fundamentals

If you want to get the best from digital photography, you have to be familiar with digital photography fundamentals first. This way, you can easily find the perfect tools and equipment that you will need to turn fleeting moments into magical memories. Here are some of the most important things you need to remember while you are exploring the revolutionary world of digital photography.Getting started – the cameraIdeally you’ll invest in high-end equipment that can assist you in capturing great photos. Work on your budget and set aside some money for cameras and other accessories like tripods, bags, and camera straps.If you can, choose a DSLR camera that can capture noise-free and high-resolution images. Equipped with advanced mechanical operations, a DSLR camera can give you an accurate representation of everything you want to take snapshots of. It will also give you the freedom to change lenses and to explore the different techniques used for digital photography.

If the cost of a DSLR is prohibitive, then by all means start with a point and shoot digital camera, there are some really good models out there, but you’ll have to do your home work.Understanding focal lengthsBefore you can master digital photography fundamentals, you need to have a basic understanding about the focal lengths of lenses first. When lenses are placed in front of an SLR camera, they start limiting the amount of light that enters the image sensors. Without a lens, excessive amounts of light will surge into the image sensor. This can make your images seem blurry and less defined.The information that enters image sensors depends on how much light your lens can redirect. The focal length refers to the information that enters the sensor depending on the distance of your subject from your camera. If you have a very long lens, your photographs viewing angle will be narrow because only small amounts of light can travel to your cameras image sensor. The longer your focal length is, the narrower your field of view will be.Playing with light exposureThe appropriate use of light exposure is also important in learning digital photography fundamentals. In photography, light is measured in units of measurements that are called stops. Stops are measurements of how bright different subjects are when they are compared to one another.Your cameras aperture and shutter speed can affect the amount of light that enters image sensors. Once you have learned how to use them to your advantage, you can already use light exposure to play with the quality of the photographs you wish to take.Aperture is usually measured in terms of decimals. It is a small opening that can be opened or closed to control the amount of light that enters your camera. Usually, aperture ratios are measured in terms of the ratio of your cameras focal length to and width. You will need to try everything you have learned from digital photography fundamentals before you can control the aperture and make your subjects look darker or brighter.

Shutter speed is also an important part of taking digital photos. Your camera’s shutter refers to the flap that closes and opens in order to allow the light to penetrate your camera. Since the iris of an SLR camera is sensitive to light, the shutter serves as a barrier that separates it from the outside world. A camera that has quick shutter speeds can produce sharp and clear images.These are only three of the most important things you will need to remember while capturing images through industry standard SLR cameras. As long as you are willing to hone your skills as a photographer, learning digital photography fundamentals will quickly become much easier than it seems.

College Hoops 2K6 – PlayStation 2 (Collector’s)

The #1 rated college basketball game is back. It’s that time of year again – the time of year where basketball courts around the nation are filled with excitement, slam dunks, unbelievable athletes, Cinderella stories and championship dreams. Nothing captivates the nation quite like the NCAA Basketball Tournament and no other game captures the collegiate atmosphere and energy like College Hoops 2K6.
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