Enhancing Business Efficiency with MPLS

MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) is one of those rare innovations that benefit everyone. Initially, its main advantage was that it offered high-speed data transfer rates. Now that other systems have caught up, speed is no longer the deal clincher it once was. Which has simply served to highlight all of the other ways that MPLS can simplify communication and enhance the efficiency of your business.MPLS is scalable, which means that whatever package you choose from your service provider, it can be adjusted to suit your growing business and bandwidth requirements. It supports VPN (virtual private network) applications as well as ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions. VPN allows employees to access information from their business database wherever they are, so long as they are able to connect to the Internet. ERP solutions provide reliable networks, free of unnecessary traffic, between businesses, their various branch offices, partners and customers.Intra- and interoffice communications are enhanced as MPLS networks are capable of carrying voice calls within an office. They enable VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) traffic across a network of computers, as well as video conferencing, although this facility is dependent on the purchase of additional equipment. The potential savings regarding the cost of calls, travel and time are enormous, as all communication can take place from behind your desk, via your broadband account.You don’t have to worry about any complicated system maintenance, as MPLS networks are usually fully managed by your service provider. Fully managed services are called “Layer 3 services” and entail the management of the customer end router. You don’t need to go to the expense of hiring or training specialists to monitor your shiny new network and keep it in mint condition. You can rest assured that any hiccups will be handled quickly and efficiently, often before you even know a problem exists.Layer 2 services can also be provided for businesses that would rather retain control over their networks. Service providers then supply a variety of support services, including a help desk and 24-hour help-line.In addition to reducing the cost and complexity of business networks, MPLS networks also support multimedia services, distributing voice, video and data across networks safely and quickly. Multicasting services enable customers to broadcast information in a variety of ways, such as video conferencing and online radio.As with all services and systems, MPLS has its disadvantages, but they are significantly outweighed by the potential benefits. It’s time to get on the MPLS bandwagon or risk being stuck behind, in the land of the Luddite.Recommended sites:http://www.networkmagazineindia.com/200306/vendor.shtml%5Bhttp://www.foundrynet.com/technology/mpls/%5D

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