SAP Business One Remote Support – Version Upgrade, Adding New Company, Modules Settings

Modern VPN and web session technologies allow you to receive ERP remote support and by attending the same session as your supporting technician, you can communicate on what is the problem plus contribute to problem resolution scenario. In fact, it is even better to have somebody, who supports multiple SB1 customers nationwide and aware about all the potential problems and known cases, than somebody who serves you locally, but have to do very different implementation assignments every new day. Let’s review remote connection and support techniques:1. VPN or virtual private network. This technology could be realized in hardware or in software. Hardware option is when your router supports VPN and software is when you enable VPN on one of your servers. Having VPN connection channel, SB1 support engineer connects to your network and use remote desktop connection to your application server to work with SAP B1 application. Please, note that in VPN connection you do not share the same screen with supporting technician as you do in web session2. Web Session. Popular options are WebEx and Gotomeeting. These technologies allow you to see the screen of each attendee, where you can switch attendee desktops as needed. Plus, you use either hosted by web session provide conference phone number, of use popular voip technologies such as skype. Skype is especially popular in international support environments, where regular phone calls might be too costly3. SAP Business One support specifics. SB1 is self contained application, which does not require tight integration with peripheral technologies, and so it is very convenient in remote support, at it doesn’t require synchronous involvement of your IT people4. Remote centralized deployment. We recommend remote ERP installation, initial data conversion, modules and system settings and then transferring and implanting it onsite on your SQL Server. This streamlines the installation and implementation phase.

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